How to plan you PE class?


PE planning is very important part of making good PE class. If you are responsible and if you take your job seriously, as you should, you will do the homework. Planning has 4 steps. Here are those steps:

1) You need to rationally determine goal based on previous data processing

2) You should choose content and to give it value, you should make structure separated by thematic continents of motoric activities

3) You need to choose and evaluate themes according student’s age, so you have just two themes in first grade, 2 to 3 in second grade, 3 to 4 in third grade, 5 to 6 in fourth grade and so on

4) You need to make methodic units, or in other words you need to determine particular motoric tasks


PE planning is not easy, so you should follow next instructions:

· You should focus on goals in physical education of student

· You should keep concreteness of adjusted program (getting appropriate motoric skills and motoric abilities according age of student for specific grade) for bio-psycho-social characteristics of students (body development, motoric abilities, and inclinations of students) and possibility of performing process of physical exercises in particular grade taking in consideration conditions and capabilities of school

· You should keep content of PE class systematic by using logical connections of parts of class according to specific factors, such as similarity, duration of exercises and so on


Goal of Physical Education of children is to contribute integral (cognitive, affective, motoric) development of personality and student by using different and systematic motoric activities connected to other educational spheres. Also goal of PE is contribution to acquisition and use of motoric skills, habits and necessary theoretical knowledge in everyday and particular conditions of life and work.